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ID 6702

Angus Davis


Co-Founder @tellme (@microsoft), Founder @swipely

ID 488614

Andrew Bradford Smith

Marketing and Technology Professional | Marketing Technologist

ID 164248

Tony Fonseca

UX designer. Slurpee aficionado.

ID 210437

Ryan Laughlin

Co-founder @splitwise. All-around developer and designer. @yale-university '12.

ID 16544

Ryan Johnson

Wells Fargo Retail Finance- Business Development, VP

ID 56065

John P. Kiffmeyer

Specializing in doing stuff I've never done before. Dual BS in CS/CompE from The U of K. Former overachiever at @lexmark.

ID 7990

Brian Murphy

COO at Moo. Mentor at Providence based incubator Betaspring. Previously VP Ops at Ofoto (Acquired by Eastman Kodak)

ID 18075

Bill Cesare

Investor in @dijipop, Tracelytics, @infusion-resource, @tunr, @jobzle, @albion-special-care, @aces-technologies, @er-card, @diavibe, @catapult-er, @databraid...

ID 328935

Mark Feinstein


Was largest Blockbuster Franchisee in Northeast before selling in 2008. Been involved in various other businesses. Teach Management classes at Bryant University. Member of the Boulevard Investment Group in Providence RI.

ID 27200

Mike Rowan

I do R&D @sendgrid-1 making developers lives more awesome. Husband to @bethrowan, dad of @demirowan & bred in RI. Helping tech in RI thru @betaspring

ID 293524

Jonathan Schear

Brown CS & English; Android Developer; Former intern @foursquare and @animoto.

ID 569088

Annie Carlson

Software developer at @change-collective. Computer Science student at @brown-university University. Board game/table top geek and edtech enthusiast.

ID 68680

Alexander Naslednikov

CEO at Gbooking LTD (former XLR Group), MBA (Technion), B.A in Math & CS (Technion)

ID 255531

Joseph Santoro

DC/LA Superconnector @forbes @MoxieStrategy @StartupGrindDC @ADmapco Creative Strategist, Media2.0Sensei, Political Wonketeer, Entrepreneurial Techie, Neuro PhD

ID 210448

Marshall Weir

Co-founder and mobile development guy at @splitwise • Worked at @zattoo, @mobiata • Studied at @university-of-michigan

ID 46697

Eric Scott


Investments for @hvf and @mlevchin.

ID 69416

Jonathan Bittner

CEO and Co-founder of Splitwise, Dropped out of @harvard-university Astrophysics PhD. Forbes 30 Under 30 2011.

ID 83126

Albert Ho

Co-founder of @121nexus. Software & patent practitioner. Worked at BofA and Goldman. @cornell-university '07.

ID 116826

Foster Sayers

CEO, Co-Founder of @121nexus

ID 307121

Allan Tear


Managing Partner of @betaspring, top 15 accelerator in US. Approaching 100 investments. 2-1-1 record as founder, $20M raised. I like to help.

ID 18086

Joe Gallagher


Investor in @cmp-ly, @betaspring, @placester, @golocal-prov, @airkast, @mofuse, @accuradio, @bia-kelsey-group, Mercury Digital Marketing, @livio-radio, iWeb...

ID 394031

Drew Taylor

Founder @astroprint. Past founder of, a yoga class search engine with over 4K studios and 20K classes listed daily.

ID 76521

Nick Allain

BA in Interactive Media. Big Thinker. Expert Live Streaming Video, Video Production, Design, CSS, HTML, and User Interaction. Exp in Game Industry/Higher Ed.

ID 23814

Robert Sanchez

Tech and music enthusiast, Graduate of Founder Institute, Graduate of Betaspring. Built, 1st place @angelhack

ID 39637

Chris Hobson


CEO of @iontera. Experience with startups - Jana, @bandgap-engineering (co-founder); @ecredit (acq. by Fidelity Ventures) and larger co's - P&G. Harvard MBA

ID 114675

Hannah Chung

CCO at @sproutel | Co-founder & National Board Advisor at @design-for-america | @Northwestern Alum | "15 Women to watch in Tech 2012" by Inc

ID 5164

David Link

Director of Customer Success @swipely. Former first employee @the-resumator.

ID 281373

Steven Katz


My clinical practice involves the surgical treatment of liver tumors, pancreas tumors, endocrine tumors, melanoma and sarcoma. Multidisciplinary management is strongly emphasized.

ID 114679

Aaron Horowitz

CEO at @sproutel || @DellSocialInnov Fellow || National Board Advisor @design-for-america || @Northwestern alum

ID 4131

Bryan Healey

Leader, architect, entrepreneur. Director at Cyber Care, founder of @joinvestor, consultant at @healey-engineering, educated at @northeastern-university.

ID 404406

Kyler Evitt

Brown University: Mechanical Engineering and Economics. Diverse interests and a broad skill set. Eager to help a young company make the world a better place.

ID 519407

Zoe Chaves

Growth hacker at @splitwise. @venture-for-america fellow. Brown University alumna.

ID 180432

Peter Haas

COO cofounder @xactsense Founder @aidg -- 2010 TED Senior Fellow, TED Speaker, background in BOP hardware development, IT, and helping startups. @yale grad

ID 33691

Christopher Buecheler

Front-End Designer / Developer with 17 years experience. I've worked for: @gamespy @okcupid @crispy-gamer @goldenspear

ID 171717

Giles Holt

Founder Consignd • Studied at @rhode-island-school-of-design-1, @brown-university, @harvard-university

ID 751747

Jason Becker

Co-dev education funding formula for RI, integration & analysis @ state department, predictive analytics as Harvard Strategic Data Fellow. Dir of Data @allovue

ID 327895

Michael Stevens

Former firefighter, owned multiple sm. biz's, dabbled in politics & non-profits before falling in love with startup. Selling, marketing, biz dev=it's what I do.

ID 222411

Amit Chauhan

CEO / Co- Founder @recroup with experience in searching job and hiring people in the most competitive job markets in the world "India" .

ID 120815

Nick Adams


Care Thread – Cofounder, COO; Healthcare IT Entrepreneur

ID 221199

Joyce Bettencourt

Founder: @eddefy, @avacon-inc, @the-vesuvius-group, @deskhappy. Alumni @singularity-university U. @startupweekend Boston. Lateral thinker / Creative futurist

ID 276388

Evan Schwartz

Creator of InPerson meetup website + Brown Conversation student organization; all about making ideas happen + bringing people together for dinner + conversation

ID 163245


Strong experienced business background. Very current on big data mining to unearth sales.

ID 239822

David Peterson

Worked @trilogy, @versata-enterprises • Founder @world-wide-talent-search • Studied MBA @southern-new-hampshire-university

ID 200361

Rahuldev Rajguru

Worked at @hcl-technologies, @trianz • Studied at @dharmsinh-desai-institute-of-technology-nadiad @Tolani Institute of Management Studies

ID 523153

Elizabeth Weber

ID 717989

Phillipe Lee

Looking for a freelance

ID 290023

Benjamin Kicic

RISD Furniture Design, Interested with what design can accomplish for our cognitive and physical needs - I create work that facilitates specific narratives.

ID 128178

Eddie Ross

TennisHub founder. We help tennis players play more and book tennis online. Check us out at

ID 80781

Jeffrey Tagen

Project Manager, Educator, Software Developer. Currently teaching at a local University while overseeing several mobile and web development projects.

ID 24458

Seth Frielich

Founder @smc, Experienced starting up and growing profitable sales organizations. Looking for a new Sales and Business Development leadership position.

ID 140754

Parker Wells

Founder @overhead-fm • Worked at @google • Studied at @brown-university

ID 5838

David Berube

Founder of MoFuse

ID 66711

Meg Wirth

The first online marketplace for global health technologies.

ID 15461

Jonathan Bittner

ID 654108

Ethan Carlson

Mech Eng at Yale, Elec/Mech Eng generalist, Joined two startups <10 employees, developed, managed launch, and oversaw manufacturing of three products

ID 464826

Margaret Lengerich

Founder and CEO HMSolution. Specialist in Entrepreneurship and Arsenic Water FIltration. Worked at @gerdau. MSc at Brown University.

ID 81194

Mike Morris

Founder at @recdesk & @triplefy; Ruby & .NET web developer; Hacker & Dreamer; @university-of-connecticut MBA

ID 41000

David Fogel


Managing Director, Swifton CFOs. Member of MA2 and Beacon Angels. Adjunct Instructor, Tufts, WPI. Mentor and advisor to many entrepreneurial companies.

ID 211474

Portia Thurmond

Co-founder of Chicdata. MD, MPH from Brown 2006/2011.

ID 40122

Scott Michael Harris

CEO @shuttercal. Former Sr. Interactive Designer @AMNH, Moey Inc, Nickelodeon, Media Records, sci & children's museums nation wide. Directed $1M+ exhibit builds

ID 59604

Andrew Berkowitz

VP of Engineering @sproutel | Former Lead Mobile Developer @zazu: a @masschallenge finalist and PepsiCo10 winner

ID 197883

Donna Khalife

Founder @surprise-ride. Strong experience in business development and execution; worked @jpmorgan-chase in M&A. Completed MBA @harvard-business-school.

ID 138262

Chris Meelia


Two decades of experience at the intersection of healthcare, technology and finance. Sales & Marketing consultant. Angel investor. Startup advocate. Family guy.

ID 268030

jian shen

Dual Degree: Brown CS, RISD Design. UI/UX design. Worked as game developer for UglySoft. Fluent in Chinese.

ID 651016

Mike Cunningham

Research Analyst at DD of RI Venture for America Fellow Class of 2013. Cofounder @SocialProv, Pitt BioE 2013. Entrepreneur / Bioengineer / Musician.

ID 542880

Tim Jacob

International Relations student at Brown. Varsity lacrosse player. Proficient in English and Spanish. Marketing: Waveconnex Inc. and Trout and Partners Group.

ID 491752

Nick Oliveira

Business Developer | Entrepreneur | Problem Solver | People Person Hashtag of the moment is #LeBroning

ID 258226

Matt Breuer

Bain AC | Google Intern | Project Manager Techstyle Haus | Electrical Engineering at @brown-university 2014

ID 532928

Laney G Caldwell

ID 453876

Koji Yamamoto

Brown/RISD Dual Degree '15. CS + Animation.

ID 491378

John Jannotti

Founder @foodler • Worked at @brown-university-1 • Studied at @massachusetts-institute-of-technology

ID 283693

Alex Gaines

A driven 23 year old, I have always pushed myself to reach new heights for ambitiously set goals.

ID 351862

Wooho Park

Industrial Designer, UI/UX Designer, Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) BFA Industrial Design 2013

ID 863095

Dan Bacher

ID 52432

John C. Stone III

CEO @revenue-architects. Founder/Investor @revenizer. 20 years management consulting, sales, marketing at IBM, AT&T, Viant, PA Consulting.

ID 665333

Obi Ekekezie

Co-founder of Mingleton • Studied at @harvard-university • Worked at @bain-company

ID 325260

Andy Affleck

Dir Engineering (Mobile Apps) @ozmott, Sr. PM @pfizer, @merck-and-co, Dir Tech Ops @webct; @dartmouth-college @harvard-graduate-school-of-education

ID 187824

Rob Kennedy


Founder @tbdconsulting @startup-street • Worked @stubhub, @napster @mertado @ecast

ID 271640

William Araújo

Co-founder @crave-food-services

ID 202640

Mike Leone

Founder of Panoptic Development. Builder of web/mobile software. Com Sci and Mathematics at @university-of-rhode-island.

ID 673388

Joshua Greenwald

ID 506472

Daniel Lim

Grad student at Brown; Worked at KOTRA and Samsung

ID 254418

Chirag Bodar

Co-Founder & CMO @locusplay • Worked at @digital-chocolate

ID 603879

Kathleen Coyle

Vanderbilt Grad, Venture for America Fellow, ready to do what you need done

ID 822613

Yang Yu

ID 62229

Noah Fradin

Founder of CherryCard and student at Brown.

ID 153692

Drew Jankowski

Product Manager at @bottomline-technologies Worked at @navigant-consulting, @solidworks-1 • Studied at @dartmouth-college Startup obsessed, golf addict

ID 327718

David Scofield

Coordinator of Rhode Island Urban Debate League. Balance sheet virtuoso. Extreme familiarity with language. BA Brown 2013

ID 753759

Michala Kepple

Current Operations & Brand Manager for student services start up, experience as copywriter & designer, previous political Campaign Manager, Duke 2010.

ID 372371

Todd Burner

Co-Founder and CEO of BurnFisch. Ex-Googler. Experienced Product Manager.

ID 393506

Chau H. Tran

Senior CS student at Brown. Former Quora and Facebook intern

ID 773169

Patrick Rosanelli

Economics major Brown University. Background in political finance, investment presentations and finance blogging. Concentration: socially responsible investing.

ID 286725

David Emanuel

Brown Mech Engineering, design process master, extensive project leading, entrepreneurship, design & problem solving. 1st place RI Elevator Pitch Competition.

ID 552926

Paul Russell

Degrees in physics, engineering, and sustainable design; nordic skier, runner, and cyclist.

ID 268807

Susan Gately

Sucessful HR Professional who loves working with Start-ups. Reciently established the HR department at ROAM Data.

ID 476388

Fabian Canas

iOS Engineer. Background in machine learning, neuroscience, cognitive psychology, robotics, mathematical modeling...

ID 858936

Ovidia Andreea Stanoi

Brown University Senior passionate about technology; worked as a consultant in KPMG's Advisory Practice; looking for opportunities to get involved in tech.

ID 868987

Sarah Parker

Current Brown University undergraduate studying Neuroscience. Biological Computer Vision researcher in the Serre Lab. Ex-hacker schooler. 

ID 514150

Matthew Wahl

Founder @student-moving-service • Studied at @brown-university

ID 577213

Adrienne Tran

ID 271135

Javier Sandoval

Brown student & Techstars graduate at 18. When not consulting small businesses, I'm teaching student entrepreneurs or writing my novel.

ID 482083

Rebecca Steinberg

Soon to be Brown University graduate with an interest in media and marketing as well as journalism.

ID 489012

asd asd

ID 468903

Vannak Chhay

Founder Vana • Studied at @worcester-polytechnic-institute

ID 879836

Jose Araujo Abdala

Co Founder Telescope Health • Studied at @brown-university

ID 122729

Ben Vishny

Technical co-founder and student. Worked in payments, databases, and customized garments.

ID 777684

Owen Millard

Brown Sc.B in Social Analysis and Research - Strong background in Marketing and Marketing Analytics

ID 838033

Nicole Park

ID 585850

Harrison Paup

Brown University Economics; startup & Wall Street experience

ID 808297

Ryan Davenport

ID 826461

Ryan Ngoy

ID 814681

Bankman-Fried Gabriel

ID 796335

Mina Whangbo

Brown University '14.5; BA in Economics & Psychology; 2+ years experience in research and strong organizational skills.

ID 402312

Samuel Brebner

Brown CS; Google Intern; Head TA for CS class at Brown; Experience with large datasets, code optimization; Android Developer; International Relations enthusiast

ID 461761

Cecilia Bodin

Undergrad at Brown University; design enthusiast

ID 418205

Mike Borge

Brown University Student, Division 1 Hockey Player, Current Brown University Sports Foundation Worker, Former Analyst at Barclays Capital

ID 559502

Luqi Pan

Master in [email protected] Brown, love to learn new stuff.

ID 740825

Gabriel Thomaz

Brown Philosophy, tried many startups myself but now want to join one, experience in India and Brazil

ID 704884

Susan M B Chen

Brown University 2015

ID 434617

Kelly Hering

Engineer with a Right Brain: Brown MechE student; Design for America Team Lead; Brown CubeSat Power Lead; Worked @Makeable and @loft

ID 799918

Jane Furey

Undergraduate student at Brown University graduating in December 2014

ID 731742

Ian Pan

ID 326038

David Brownschidle

Young & driven marketing professional. Brown '11 grad. Former collegiate & professional athlete.

ID 534127

Prateek Arora

Brown CS, 1st software startup out of school, economics and business background

ID 712834

Destin Sisemore

ID 888200

Billy Watterson

Executive director of Beat the Streets Providence. Soon to be graduate of Brown University. Experience in business development and marketing.

ID 871332

Gary Kadet


ID 10694

Scott Lindsay

ID 457209

Matt Carter

University of San Diego law grad, admitted to the Massachusetts bar. Hoping to continue working with small businesses/startups in the Greater Boston Area.

ID 668689

David Laprade

Tufts Logic MA; Learning Rails and Javascript at Startup Institute Boston; Worked in genetics lab for 4 years prior

ID 735494

Dan Xavier

Founder of DigiSole. Strong background in interactive product management, worked @gtech & @bluecrossRI, B.S. from Bryant University

ID 317565

Ryan Donnell

MBA Graduate with a passion for branding

ID 474686

Andrew Beattie

Union College, completed MBA at Suffolk. Currently working as an Independent Consultant

ID 887022

Mina Shakarshy

Cognitive Science and Design student at Brown University, UX and Visual Designer, Varsity Athlete

ID 63550

Gyuri Grell

I'm a creative mobile architect, focusing on original Android app development as well as porting iOS apps to Android. I love building mobile apps!

ID 784620

Alyna Khan

ID 639217

Anja Zgodic

Brown Biostats, Research, Quantitative Analysis, Modeling, Machine Learning

ID 463301

Tim Shawver

Frontend developer at Advent Software with 4+ years of experience designing and building user interfaces for investment professionals.

ID 576432

Bright Fulton

Worked at @swipely, @verisign • Studied at @university-of-california-berkeley

ID 209336

Yuval Galor

Founder LineSaver

ID 709868

Marty Laurita

RISD trained industrial designer, swiss-army-knife skillset, thinker, tinkerer, mover, builder, leader, fundraiser, researcher.

ID 252458

Piyush Gupta, MD

Resident Physician, Internal Medicine, Brown University

ID 648825

David Wisen


Founded Essex Street Capital; long time senior executive of a specialty finance company. Especially interested in tech-enabled fin co's

ID 101708

Nick DiNardo

Investor in Sports Recruits LLC, Founder of ValCourse Inc., VP Marketing at Tuatara Corp, and Biz Dev at Pearson Learning Solutions/Online Learning

ID 369789

Jennifer Burner

Product Manager at Skyhook. Loves working with people and data. Worked at Google and Kickstarter. First class honours degree from Trinity College Dublin.

ID 752816

Meghan Wichern

International Trade Maven

ID 748539

Andrea Hunter

ID 711235

Katryn McIntosh

Creative Full Stack Web Developer - Web Dev Immersive General Assembly, BFA RISD

ID 552434

Natalie Salk

Mechanical Design Engineer at Sensata Technologies, Tufts University, Sailor

ID 636326

John Dolan

Savvy Admin | Detail Oriented | Results Driven | Creative Problemsolver

ID 522310

Steinfeld Caroline

ID 556534

Katie Wen

Industrial Design Student at RISD, Maker, Researcher, Problem-solver

ID 502213

Amrit Mazumder

Graphic Design and @risdeship at @risd, Previously @kpcb Design Fellow at @flipboard

ID 291508

Jessie Ning

Graphic Designer, RISD, UX/UI Design, AIGA, piano instructor

ID 548902

Joseph Escobar

RISD Designer

ID 781258

Tony Jaensch

MA graduate with extensive client facing experience. Seeking Account Management position in a start-up with a keen focus on developing a great company culture.

ID 610794

Melanie Thibeault

Connecticut College BA English Lit & American Studies, 6+ years of newspaper, online, social media experience. Writer, editor, critical thinker, quick learner.

ID 743920

Elliot Mermel

Master's from Karolinska Institut in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Successfully founded and ran a firm developing NLP data-mining technologies. Driven.

ID 586247

Greg DiGasper

Driven to improve healthcare. 20yrs. sales/mktg. in HC startups & global giants. Looking for a startup where innovation, creativity, change and teamwork count.

ID 336193

Soo Yeun Ji

ID 333696

Steve Warner

Aero/mech engineer

ID 288215

Cynthia Poon

Graduating Industrial Design student at RISD.

ID 262582

Paul Brazio

Founder & CCO GRIP • Partner at @the-engine-design-studio • Studied at @rhode-island-school-of-design • Excellent design, team, and communication skills.

ID 49529

Dustin Collins

Worked at @university-of-northern-iowa-2, @fiveq • Studied at @auckland-university-of-technology, @university-of-northern-iowa

ID 818241

Garrett McGhee

Auditor with deep understanding of accounting and finance best practices, data analytics, process improvement, business risk, and internal controls.

ID 371839

Alana Riley

© 1984 • Social Strategy; Social Media Management & Consulting; Community Engagement; Online Marketing; Web & Graphic Design; WordPress Writer for Smashing Magazine; Positive Thinker.

ID 431680

Matthew Kramer

Vassar BA, Mayoral Fellow, Commissioned Public Artist

ID 888059

Matthew Hartwig

ID 522269

Joe Looney

ID 437367

E. Jeremy Corvese

I gaduated from Bates College in 2012 with a degree in Economics and a minor in Spanish. I have worked at PharmLogic and Falvey Yacht Insurance.

ID 451920

Diego Rodriguez, CPA

CPA. Master of Accounting. Experience in medical device industry.

ID 807145

MIkayla Geraci

B.A degree holder in Government and Environmental Studies. Independent Spiritual Guru. Strong Leadership and Communication Skills, Sun Saluter.

ID 109534

JEffrey Eiland

CEO-UnPlanned Events Author-Terms of Engagement Producer-Catalytic Communities entrepreneur writer collaborator optimist student blogger leader adventurer

ID 662029

Marissa Epstein

I'm a designer with a knack for creating websites, brands, and experiences.

ID 581451

James Patrick Mock

Thrive on Finance and Investing. Always up for a challenge. Eager to learn.

ID 859362

Andrew Shapiro

Founder of Witsem. Strong open source development background (ADP, Wells Fargo, Domino's). MA, BA CSU, USAF.

ID 501291

Justin H Garrison

MBA professional with practical knowledge in strategic innovation with 8 years financial services experience interested in Lean/Six Sigma & Business development

ID 61589

Kenneth Rahn

Founder of @softwareengineers-co, the home of Mobile Copy Paste. MCP is the first (and only) mobile application to enable copy / paste over the internet !

ID 763861

Zachary Gibb

Full stack Software Engineer.

ID 585220

Dilasha Dixit

Research Associate at AaryaAroma. Past: Liberty Mutual Insurance, Standard Chartered Bank, and Carlsberg Group

ID 248295


Background in litigation, contracts (drafting and negotiation), and antitrust.

ID 195136

Susie Ye

Founder BaseRails • Studied at @rutgers-university-new-brunswick

ID 875358

Mitchell Sorkin

COO - Founder Zazz

ID 64661

João Cruz

ID 275663

Joshua Walsh

Mobile Development, and Audio Engineering degrees; Product Manager at TennisHub; Strong development problem solving skills with a solid design background.

ID 387635

Julia Levin

ID 835234

Kyle McLaughlin

I want to change the world by investing in innovation that helps all of mankind.

ID 275485

Kim Wong

ID 138446

Austin Hatem

Designer & Developer. Founder of @pear-buzz & @pear-printing in Providence. Worked with several startups including @orkiv . @bryant-university IT 2014

ID 382619

Alexis Miller

Experienced Wall Street Strategist with proven track record in Sales, Brokerage, Business Development, Risk Management, and Product Development

ID 55614

Shawn Gargiulo

Furniture industry veteran. Strong design and marketing background. RISD ID.

ID 609709

Andrew Balcom


ID 671857

Ryan McCabe

ID 830180

Matthew Kaiser

Currently I help young 'treps accelerate the materialization of their start-up companies. I facilitate conversation to consult upon existing business models.

ID 182593

Kris Chatlosh

Left the corporate world to work and learn on an organic veggie and chicken farm. Most likely to continue farming, but I am always looking for new opportunities

ID 710489

Daniel Zalewski

ID 476344

Ryan Desaulniers

From education to entrepreneurship, all squarely ground in arts integration.

ID 600412

Andrew Prescott

Digital Branding Specialist. Marketing experience with tech start-up, global travel firm, and online newspaper. Passion for video editing and production. Adobe Creative Suite guru.

ID 763711

Nicholas Perruna

ID 31545

Beau Ouellette

An observer and world-creator.

ID 255939

Robert Campellone

A real estate investor based in New England, Robert Campellone works to facilitate opportunities for clients in conjunction with Realty Associates

ID 183211

Donald T. Welsh

Donald T. Welsh served in the United States Marine Corps for nearly a quarter of a century, and maintains relationships with a number of military organizations.

ID 383991

Judy Isaacson - [email protected]

Medical Marketing, Communications and Events

ID 272502

Angel Garcia

Highly motivated technical professional with experience in Informational Technology.

ID 855669

Mary Brennan

ID 418213

Stephanie Fournier, MBA, PHR

Human Resources professional actively seeking ambitious, dedicated, and fun technical and sales leaders!

ID 284756

Armen Adamian

Founder @obzerved - Creative Director / Editor. I like making something out of nothing; Art. Strong skills in Branding, Marketing and Social Media. Positivity!

ID 648794

Ben Carr

Accomplished Facilities Manager with 15+ years of logistical, operations and project management expertise.

ID 866338

Nina Lavine

ID 827060

Tom Lancaster

ID 813558

Krishna Nath

Our fund invests softwareware development startups. I have awesome dealflow in this fund - everyone knows to send the BitCoin software startups my way.

ID 646562

Anna Zeidman

Biology Sc.B. at Brown University

ID 775902

Joseph Bermudez

ID 822020

Jennifer Sliney

Customer Service Professional, Strong Environmental Education Background, B.A Sociology/Environmental Studies

ID 791868

Brian Laferte


ID 725542

Alex Lupica

ID 152887

Downing Investment Partners, LP


ID 604851

Elliot Bonneville

Student at URI; Freelance JavaScript developer.

ID 695814

Luke Huelsenbeck

ID 843616

Jared Wisen

ID 824389

Ben Messore

Straight out of high school to my father's sign and tint business. I have been working there since middle school.

ID 636905

Matt Curnyn

ID 85743

David Allaire


ID 883512

Karisa Tashjian

ID 543846

Jianina Pagliarini

Telecommunications Switch Technician. Product Management for Wireless Application Protocol 1.0

ID 609643

Jesse Cannon

ID 714056

Suzanne Wu

ID 599126

Michael Muehl

ID 444980

Andrew Sheinfeld

Brown University Economics Student

ID 534212

Ashmit Thakral


Worked at ABC Co.

ID 394151

Jonah Lipsky

Programmer, writer and editor, artist (musician and actor).

ID 156755

Robert Arndt

Worked at @united-states-marine-corps

ID 552393

Gina Costantino

Marketing Coordinator for luxury jewelry and accessories designer. Avidly seeking a career with room for growth in Marketing, Public Relations, and Events.

ID 608940

Lisa Tempesta-Santiago

Solutions-oriented advisor, strategic thinker

ID 502586

Michael Doyle

Start Up Consulting; Legal Research and Advising in IP, Copyright, Trademark, Trade Secret, Business, and HR/Labor Law.

ID 504390

daurys e messon

Part time student looking for a full time position

ID 239596

Ryan Marinelli

ID 499631

Ria Mirchandani

CS Junior at Brown University

ID 227273

Sepehr Fazaeli


Startup Advisor , Network Administrator , Web Developer , Business Conultant & Fan of FCBarcelona

ID 464019

Landon Sanders

I build things that get users' attention and help them complete their task.

ID 515405

Elizabeth Studlick

Econ student willing to do anything for a cool startup.

ID 222825


Developer/hacker of back-end systems slowly pushing towards native apps. Some front-end experience.

ID 352837

Sean McBride

ID 276225

Varsheeni Raghupathy

Masters in Entrepreneurship and Teaching Assistant at Brown; Worked in Real Estate and Construction industry; Undergraduate major in Electronics and Communications Engineering

ID 496460

Randy J. Santoro

ID 443254

Tim Copley


newbie, I've never venture funded, just getting started

ID 433816

Armaan Kapoor

ID 411625

Samir A. Batla

I think data, content, analytics, and insight.

ID 11072

Jack Templin


I'm a Co-Founder and Partner at Betaspring, Providence-based accelerator

ID 255466

Ted Howell

Worked at @testa-hurwitz-thibeault • Studied at @university-of-pennsylvania, @boston-university

ID 205094

Rosy Khalife

Founder @surprise-ride • Worked at @jwt, @omnicom Media Group • Studied at @pc

ID 83805

Scott Guelich

CEO of Care Thread. 10 years background enterprise/mobile software consultant (HP, Palm, Autodesk); MD from Dartmouth and Brown.

ID 114353

Andrew Sohn

ID 123879

Mark Abramowicz

Founder JumpOffCampus • Worked at @factset-research-systems, @tra • Studied at @tufts-university

ID 146581

Nicole Mercer

Co-Founder Thryve • Studied at Rhode Island School of Design

ID 51300

Phil Rogers

CEO of @revenizer - supercharge business growth. Digital / conversion optimization, product management, business development background. MBA.

ID 888992

Millicent Bailey

Senior at Brown University Interested in Contemporary Art, Marketing, and PR

ID 3762

Owen Johnson


Founder and Managing Partner of startup accelerator @betaspring, top 15 accelerator in US.

ID 107465

Mehdi Moutahir

Business Administration Professor and Social Entrepreneur (in training)

ID 271758

Rushikesh Bandekar

EdTech specialist, business professional, 12+ yrs global exp; productizing, scaling K-12 EdTech solutions that have impacted more than 1M+ kids & educators.

ID 273426

Kaushik Vinay T G

Design Head / Co-founder @recroup full stack programmer and a designer. 3 years of experience in web development.

ID 84110

Jenn Schwall


Cherrystone Angel Group Executive Director, Startup Enthusiast, Kayaker, Hiker, Photographer, Foodie

ID 164411

Lauren Prestifilippo

UX/UI Visual Designer. Co-Founder & CCO @rootless. Studied at @university-of-cincinnati.

ID 15976

Barbara Schoenfeld

ID 88397

Michael Pratt

Not completed

ID 38464

Danielle Cicero

Designer of DanielleCicero bridal and Special Occasions, custom clothing designer and fashion consultant/aspiring personality.

ID 231871

Angelo Pitassi Jr.

Founder @healthid-profile • Studied at @university-of-rhode-island, @johnson-wales-university

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