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ID 18086

Joe Gallagher


Investor in @cmp-ly, @betaspring, @placester, @golocal-prov, @airkast, @mofuse, @accuradio, @bia-kelsey-group, Mercury Digital Marketing, @livio-radio, iWeb...

ID 328935

Mark Feinstein


Was largest Blockbuster Franchisee in Northeast before selling in 2008. Been involved in various other businesses. Teach Management classes at Bryant University. Member of the Boulevard Investment Group in Providence RI.

ID 187824

Rob Kennedy


Founder @tbdconsulting @startup-street • Worked @stubhub, @napster @mertado @ecast

ID 307121

Allan Tear


Managing Partner of @betaspring, top 15 accelerator in US. Approaching 100 investments. 2-1-1 record as founder, $20M raised. I like to help.

ID 152887

Downing Investment Partners, LP


ID 52432

John C. Stone III

CEO @revenue-architects. Founder/Investor @revenizer. 20 years management consulting, sales, marketing at IBM, AT&T, Viant, PA Consulting.

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