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ID 180432

Peter Haas

COO cofounder @xactsense Founder @aidg -- 2010 TED Senior Fellow, TED Speaker, background in BOP hardware development, IT, and helping startups. @yale grad

ID 491378

John Jannotti

Founder @foodler • Worked at @brown-university-1 • Studied at @massachusetts-institute-of-technology

ID 11072

Jack Templin


I'm a Co-Founder and Partner at Betaspring, Providence-based accelerator

ID 476388

Fabian Canas

iOS Engineer. Background in machine learning, neuroscience, cognitive psychology, robotics, mathematical modeling...

ID 138262

Chris Meelia


Two decades of experience at the intersection of healthcare, technology and finance. Sales & Marketing consultant. Angel investor. Startup advocate. Family guy.

ID 7990

Brian Murphy

COO at Moo. Mentor at Providence based incubator Betaspring. Previously VP Ops at Ofoto (Acquired by Eastman Kodak)

ID 3762

Owen Johnson


Founder and Managing Partner of startup accelerator @betaspring, top 15 accelerator in US.

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