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Map of the local innovation industry.
Meet some of the best and newest startups based in Providence.

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ID 122729

Ben Vishny

Technical co-founder and student. Worked in payments, databases, and customized garments.

ID 56065

John P. Kiffmeyer

Specializing in doing stuff I've never done before. Dual BS in CS/CompE from The U of K. Former overachiever at @lexmark.

ID 476388

Fabian Canas

iOS Engineer. Background in machine learning, neuroscience, cognitive psychology, robotics, mathematical modeling...

ID 5838

David Berube

Founder of MoFuse

ID 81194

Mike Morris

Founder at @recdesk & @triplefy; Ruby & .NET web developer; Hacker & Dreamer; @university-of-connecticut MBA

ID 46697

Eric Scott


Investments for @hvf and @mlevchin.

ID 453876

Koji Yamamoto

Brown/RISD Dual Degree '15. CS + Animation.

ID 153692

Drew Jankowski

Product Manager at @bottomline-technologies Worked at @navigant-consulting, @solidworks-1 • Studied at @dartmouth-college Startup obsessed, golf addict

ID 33691

Christopher Buecheler

Front-End Designer / Developer with 17 years experience. I've worked for: @gamespy @okcupid @crispy-gamer @goldenspear

ID 255531

Joseph Santoro

DC/LA Superconnector @forbes @MoxieStrategy @StartupGrindDC @ADmapco Creative Strategist, Media2.0Sensei, Political Wonketeer, Entrepreneurial Techie, Neuro PhD

ID 76521

Nick Allain

BA in Interactive Media. Big Thinker. Expert Live Streaming Video, Video Production, Design, CSS, HTML, and User Interaction. Exp in Game Industry/Higher Ed.

ID 402312

Samuel Brebner

Brown CS; Google Intern; Head TA for CS class at Brown; Experience with large datasets, code optimization; Android Developer; International Relations enthusiast

ID 83126

Albert Ho

Co-founder of @121nexus. Software & patent practitioner. Worked at BofA and Goldman. @cornell-university '07.

ID 80781

Jeffrey Tagen

Project Manager, Educator, Software Developer. Currently teaching at a local University while overseeing several mobile and web development projects.

ID 27200

Mike Rowan

I do R&D @sendgrid-1 making developers lives more awesome. Husband to @bethrowan, dad of @demirowan & bred in RI. Helping tech in RI thru @betaspring

ID 202640

Mike Leone

Founder of Panoptic Development. Builder of web/mobile software. Com Sci and Mathematics at @university-of-rhode-island.

ID 868987

Sarah Parker

Current Brown University undergraduate studying Neuroscience. Biological Computer Vision researcher in the Serre Lab. Ex-hacker schooler. 

ID 393506

Chau H. Tran

Senior CS student at Brown. Former Quora and Facebook intern

ID 268030

jian shen

Dual Degree: Brown CS, RISD Design. UI/UX design. Worked as game developer for UglySoft. Fluent in Chinese.

ID 59604

Andrew Berkowitz

VP of Engineering @sproutel | Former Lead Mobile Developer @zazu: a @masschallenge finalist and PepsiCo10 winner

ID 4131

Bryan Healey

Leader, architect, entrepreneur. Director at Cyber Care, founder of @joinvestor, consultant at @healey-engineering, educated at @northeastern-university.

ID 665333

Obi Ekekezie

Co-founder of Mingleton • Studied at @harvard-university • Worked at @bain-company

ID 293524

Jonathan Schear

Brown CS & English; Android Developer; Former intern @foursquare and @animoto.

ID 534127

Prateek Arora

Brown CS, 1st software startup out of school, economics and business background

ID 577213

Adrienne Tran

ID 609709

Andrew Balcom


ID 763861

Zachary Gibb

Full stack Software Engineer.

ID 576432

Bright Fulton

Worked at @swipely, @verisign • Studied at @university-of-california-berkeley

ID 272502

Angel Garcia

Highly motivated technical professional with experience in Informational Technology.

ID 275663

Joshua Walsh

Mobile Development, and Audio Engineering degrees; Product Manager at TennisHub; Strong development problem solving skills with a solid design background.

ID 411625

Samir A. Batla

I think data, content, analytics, and insight.

ID 639217

Anja Zgodic

Brown Biostats, Research, Quantitative Analysis, Modeling, Machine Learning

ID 604851

Elliot Bonneville

Student at URI; Freelance JavaScript developer.

ID 859362

Andrew Shapiro

Founder of Witsem. Strong open source development background (ADP, Wells Fargo, Domino's). MA, BA CSU, USAF.

ID 88397

Michael Pratt

Not completed

ID 559502

Luqi Pan

Master in [email protected] Brown, love to learn new stuff.

ID 49529

Dustin Collins

Worked at @university-of-northern-iowa-2, @fiveq • Studied at @auckland-university-of-technology, @university-of-northern-iowa

ID 114353

Andrew Sohn

ID 791868

Brian Laferte


ID 61589

Kenneth Rahn

Founder of @softwareengineers-co, the home of Mobile Copy Paste. MCP is the first (and only) mobile application to enable copy / paste over the internet !

ID 222825


Developer/hacker of back-end systems slowly pushing towards native apps. Some front-end experience.

ID 668689

David Laprade

Tufts Logic MA; Learning Rails and Javascript at Startup Institute Boston; Worked in genetics lab for 4 years prior

ID 464019

Landon Sanders

I build things that get users' attention and help them complete their task.

ID 138446

Austin Hatem

Designer & Developer. Founder of @pear-buzz & @pear-printing in Providence. Worked with several startups including @orkiv . @bryant-university IT 2014

ID 463301

Tim Shawver

Frontend developer at Advent Software with 4+ years of experience designing and building user interfaces for investment professionals.

ID 711235

Katryn McIntosh

Creative Full Stack Web Developer - Web Dev Immersive General Assembly, BFA RISD

ID 109534

JEffrey Eiland

CEO-UnPlanned Events Author-Terms of Engagement Producer-Catalytic Communities entrepreneur writer collaborator optimist student blogger leader adventurer

ID 284756

Armen Adamian

Founder @obzerved - Creative Director / Editor. I like making something out of nothing; Art. Strong skills in Branding, Marketing and Social Media. Positivity!

ID 394151

Jonah Lipsky

Programmer, writer and editor, artist (musician and actor).

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