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ID 325260

Andy Affleck

Dir Engineering (Mobile Apps) @ozmott, Sr. PM @pfizer, @merck-and-co, Dir Tech Ops @webct; @dartmouth-college @harvard-graduate-school-of-education

ID 5164

David Link

Director of Customer Success @swipely. Former first employee @the-resumator.

ID 239822

David Peterson

Worked @trilogy, @versata-enterprises • Founder @world-wide-talent-search • Studied MBA @southern-new-hampshire-university

ID 271135

Javier Sandoval

Brown student & Techstars graduate at 18. When not consulting small businesses, I'm teaching student entrepreneurs or writing my novel.

ID 468903

Vannak Chhay

Founder Vana • Studied at @worcester-polytechnic-institute

ID 506472

Daniel Lim

Grad student at Brown; Worked at KOTRA and Samsung

ID 153692

Drew Jankowski

Product Manager at @bottomline-technologies Worked at @navigant-consulting, @solidworks-1 • Studied at @dartmouth-college Startup obsessed, golf addict

ID 808297

Ryan Davenport

ID 532928

Laney G Caldwell

ID 603879

Kathleen Coyle

Vanderbilt Grad, Venture for America Fellow, ready to do what you need done

ID 327895

Michael Stevens

Former firefighter, owned multiple sm. biz's, dabbled in politics & non-profits before falling in love with startup. Selling, marketing, biz dev=it's what I do.

ID 552926

Paul Russell

Degrees in physics, engineering, and sustainable design; nordic skier, runner, and cyclist.

ID 464826

Margaret Lengerich

Founder and CEO HMSolution. Specialist in Entrepreneurship and Arsenic Water FIltration. Worked at @gerdau. MSc at Brown University.

ID 258226

Matt Breuer

Bain AC | Google Intern | Project Manager Techstyle Haus | Electrical Engineering at @brown-university 2014

ID 753759

Michala Kepple

Current Operations & Brand Manager for student services start up, experience as copywriter & designer, previous political Campaign Manager, Duke 2010.

ID 187824

Rob Kennedy


Founder @tbdconsulting @startup-street • Worked @stubhub, @napster @mertado @ecast

ID 654108

Ethan Carlson

Mech Eng at Yale, Elec/Mech Eng generalist, Joined two startups <10 employees, developed, managed launch, and oversaw manufacturing of three products

ID 651016

Mike Cunningham

Research Analyst at DD of RI Venture for America Fellow Class of 2013. Cofounder @SocialProv, Pitt BioE 2013. Entrepreneur / Bioengineer / Musician.

ID 41000

David Fogel


Managing Director, Swifton CFOs. Member of MA2 and Beacon Angels. Adjunct Instructor, Tufts, WPI. Mentor and advisor to many entrepreneurial companies.

ID 858936

Ovidia Andreea Stanoi

Brown University Senior passionate about technology; worked as a consultant in KPMG's Advisory Practice; looking for opportunities to get involved in tech.

ID 24458

Seth Frielich

Founder @smc, Experienced starting up and growing profitable sales organizations. Looking for a new Sales and Business Development leadership position.

ID 444980

Andrew Sheinfeld

Brown University Economics Student

ID 883512

Karisa Tashjian

ID 777684

Owen Millard

Brown Sc.B in Social Analysis and Research - Strong background in Marketing and Marketing Analytics

ID 888200

Billy Watterson

Executive director of Beat the Streets Providence. Soon to be graduate of Brown University. Experience in business development and marketing.

ID 576432

Bright Fulton

Worked at @swipely, @verisign • Studied at @university-of-california-berkeley

ID 796335

Mina Whangbo

Brown University '14.5; BA in Economics & Psychology; 2+ years experience in research and strong organizational skills.

ID 704884

Susan M B Chen

Brown University 2015

ID 752816

Meghan Wichern

International Trade Maven

ID 763711

Nicholas Perruna

ID 515405

Elizabeth Studlick

Econ student willing to do anything for a cool startup.

ID 543846

Jianina Pagliarini

Telecommunications Switch Technician. Product Management for Wireless Application Protocol 1.0

ID 502586

Michael Doyle

Start Up Consulting; Legal Research and Advising in IP, Copyright, Trademark, Trade Secret, Business, and HR/Labor Law.

ID 474686

Andrew Beattie

Union College, completed MBA at Suffolk. Currently working as an Independent Consultant

ID 552434

Natalie Salk

Mechanical Design Engineer at Sensata Technologies, Tufts University, Sailor

ID 271758

Rushikesh Bandekar

EdTech specialist, business professional, 12+ yrs global exp; productizing, scaling K-12 EdTech solutions that have impacted more than 1M+ kids & educators.

ID 476344

Ryan Desaulniers

From education to entrepreneurship, all squarely ground in arts integration.

ID 740825

Gabriel Thomaz

Brown Philosophy, tried many startups myself but now want to join one, experience in India and Brazil

ID 781258

Tony Jaensch

MA graduate with extensive client facing experience. Seeking Account Management position in a start-up with a keen focus on developing a great company culture.

ID 501291

Justin H Garrison

MBA professional with practical knowledge in strategic innovation with 8 years financial services experience interested in Lean/Six Sigma & Business development

ID 648794

Ben Carr

Accomplished Facilities Manager with 15+ years of logistical, operations and project management expertise.

ID 725542

Alex Lupica

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