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ID 404406

Kyler Evitt

Brown University: Mechanical Engineering and Economics. Diverse interests and a broad skill set. Eager to help a young company make the world a better place.

ID 514150

Matthew Wahl

Founder @student-moving-service • Studied at @brown-university

ID 506472

Daniel Lim

Grad student at Brown; Worked at KOTRA and Samsung

ID 138262

Chris Meelia


Two decades of experience at the intersection of healthcare, technology and finance. Sales & Marketing consultant. Angel investor. Startup advocate. Family guy.

ID 753759

Michala Kepple

Current Operations & Brand Manager for student services start up, experience as copywriter & designer, previous political Campaign Manager, Duke 2010.

ID 468903

Vannak Chhay

Founder Vana • Studied at @worcester-polytechnic-institute

ID 255531

Joseph Santoro

DC/LA Superconnector @forbes @MoxieStrategy @StartupGrindDC @ADmapco Creative Strategist, Media2.0Sensei, Political Wonketeer, Entrepreneurial Techie, Neuro PhD

ID 283693

Alex Gaines

A driven 23 year old, I have always pushed myself to reach new heights for ambitiously set goals.

ID 888200

Billy Watterson

Executive director of Beat the Streets Providence. Soon to be graduate of Brown University. Experience in business development and marketing.

ID 808297

Ryan Davenport

ID 418205

Mike Borge

Brown University Student, Division 1 Hockey Player, Current Brown University Sports Foundation Worker, Former Analyst at Barclays Capital

ID 603879

Kathleen Coyle

Vanderbilt Grad, Venture for America Fellow, ready to do what you need done

ID 187824

Rob Kennedy


Founder @tbdconsulting @startup-street • Worked @stubhub, @napster @mertado @ecast

ID 327895

Michael Stevens

Former firefighter, owned multiple sm. biz's, dabbled in politics & non-profits before falling in love with startup. Selling, marketing, biz dev=it's what I do.

ID 542880

Tim Jacob

International Relations student at Brown. Varsity lacrosse player. Proficient in English and Spanish. Marketing: Waveconnex Inc. and Trout and Partners Group.

ID 24458

Seth Frielich

Founder @smc, Experienced starting up and growing profitable sales organizations. Looking for a new Sales and Business Development leadership position.

ID 796335

Mina Whangbo

Brown University '14.5; BA in Economics & Psychology; 2+ years experience in research and strong organizational skills.

ID 5164

David Link

Director of Customer Success @swipely. Former first employee @the-resumator.

ID 532928

Laney G Caldwell

ID 163245


Strong experienced business background. Very current on big data mining to unearth sales.

ID 286725

David Emanuel

Brown Mech Engineering, design process master, extensive project leading, entrepreneurship, design & problem solving. 1st place RI Elevator Pitch Competition.

ID 651016

Mike Cunningham

Research Analyst at DD of RI Venture for America Fellow Class of 2013. Cofounder @SocialProv, Pitt BioE 2013. Entrepreneur / Bioengineer / Musician.

ID 496460

Randy J. Santoro

ID 586247

Greg DiGasper

Driven to improve healthcare. 20yrs. sales/mktg. in HC startups & global giants. Looking for a startup where innovation, creativity, change and teamwork count.

ID 608940

Lisa Tempesta-Santiago

Solutions-oriented advisor, strategic thinker

ID 474686

Andrew Beattie

Union College, completed MBA at Suffolk. Currently working as an Independent Consultant

ID 725542

Alex Lupica

ID 502586

Michael Doyle

Start Up Consulting; Legal Research and Advising in IP, Copyright, Trademark, Trade Secret, Business, and HR/Labor Law.

ID 276225

Varsheeni Raghupathy

Masters in Entrepreneurship and Teaching Assistant at Brown; Worked in Real Estate and Construction industry; Undergraduate major in Electronics and Communications Engineering

ID 431680

Matthew Kramer

Vassar BA, Mayoral Fellow, Commissioned Public Artist

ID 182593

Kris Chatlosh

Left the corporate world to work and learn on an organic veggie and chicken farm. Most likely to continue farming, but I am always looking for new opportunities

ID 272502

Angel Garcia

Highly motivated technical professional with experience in Informational Technology.

ID 875358

Mitchell Sorkin

COO - Founder Zazz

ID 830180

Matthew Kaiser

Currently I help young 'treps accelerate the materialization of their start-up companies. I facilitate conversation to consult upon existing business models.

ID 101708

Nick DiNardo

Investor in Sports Recruits LLC, Founder of ValCourse Inc., VP Marketing at Tuatara Corp, and Biz Dev at Pearson Learning Solutions/Online Learning

ID 382619

Alexis Miller

Experienced Wall Street Strategist with proven track record in Sales, Brokerage, Business Development, Risk Management, and Product Development

ID 156755

Robert Arndt

Worked at @united-states-marine-corps

ID 387635

Julia Levin

ID 504390

daurys e messon

Part time student looking for a full time position

ID 444980

Andrew Sheinfeld

Brown University Economics Student

ID 763711

Nicholas Perruna

ID 501291

Justin H Garrison

MBA professional with practical knowledge in strategic innovation with 8 years financial services experience interested in Lean/Six Sigma & Business development

ID 824389

Ben Messore

Straight out of high school to my father's sign and tint business. I have been working there since middle school.

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