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ID 515405

Elizabeth Studlick

Econ student willing to do anything for a cool startup.

ID 763711

Nicholas Perruna

ID 818241

Garrett McGhee

Auditor with deep understanding of accounting and finance best practices, data analytics, process improvement, business risk, and internal controls.

ID 468903

Vannak Chhay

Founder Vana • Studied at @worcester-polytechnic-institute

ID 255531

Joseph Santoro

DC/LA Superconnector @forbes @MoxieStrategy @StartupGrindDC @ADmapco Creative Strategist, Media2.0Sensei, Political Wonketeer, Entrepreneurial Techie, Neuro PhD

ID 283693

Alex Gaines

A driven 23 year old, I have always pushed myself to reach new heights for ambitiously set goals.

ID 501291

Justin H Garrison

MBA professional with practical knowledge in strategic innovation with 8 years financial services experience interested in Lean/Six Sigma & Business development

ID 796335

Mina Whangbo

Brown University '14.5; BA in Economics & Psychology; 2+ years experience in research and strong organizational skills.

ID 808297

Ryan Davenport

ID 444980

Andrew Sheinfeld

Brown University Economics Student

ID 41000

David Fogel


Managing Director, Swifton CFOs. Member of MA2 and Beacon Angels. Adjunct Instructor, Tufts, WPI. Mentor and advisor to many entrepreneurial companies.

ID 451920

Diego Rodriguez, CPA

CPA. Master of Accounting. Experience in medical device industry.

ID 585220

Dilasha Dixit

Research Associate at AaryaAroma. Past: Liberty Mutual Insurance, Standard Chartered Bank, and Carlsberg Group

ID 830180

Matthew Kaiser

Currently I help young 'treps accelerate the materialization of their start-up companies. I facilitate conversation to consult upon existing business models.

ID 835234

Kyle McLaughlin

I want to change the world by investing in innovation that helps all of mankind.

ID 773169

Patrick Rosanelli

Economics major Brown University. Background in political finance, investment presentations and finance blogging. Concentration: socially responsible investing.

ID 404406

Kyler Evitt

Brown University: Mechanical Engineering and Economics. Diverse interests and a broad skill set. Eager to help a young company make the world a better place.

ID 581451

James Patrick Mock

Thrive on Finance and Investing. Always up for a challenge. Eager to learn.

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